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Over the next several weeks, we're upgrading our paper charts to a digital system.


Here at Grifols, our donors are our number one priority. From your health and safety to the amount of time you're at our centers, we're doing everything we can to make plasma donation easy as possible.


Of course, going paperless has been a huge push for companies around the world for years now. It can be difficult in the medical industry for several reasons, but we've been phasing it out as often as improving technology allows.

Now, we're happy to announce that we're transferring all of our donor charts and records into a digital format. What does that mean?

For donors:

Staff have more time to spend one-on-one with donors
Eventually, you'll spend less time in the center
A good feeling knowing we're using less paper

For Staff:

Less time dealing with the charts means more time on other tasks
Staff spend less time sifting through cabinets
Savings allocated toward other needs
The faster donors can get through, the more can donate
Devices are easier to keep clean and sanitized

Switching from paper records to digital is just the latest change we're making to improve the donor experience. Look forward to more changes as time goes on and know that they're all with you in mind. We hope you're as excited about these changes as we are.

Come see the changes for yourself. Donate today.