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Plasma makes up the liquid portion of your blood. It contains essential proteins that are responsible for some vital functions in your body such as helping your blood clot and defending your body against infections.

Without enough of any one of these proteins, a person could have or develop a life-threatening illness, such as an immune deficiency, genetic emphysema, hemophilia, rabies or tetanus. Grifols uses plasma proteins to make life-saving medications to treat these, and many other, illnesses.

Producing enough of these life-saving medications takes a substantial amount of plasma. Did you know it can take up to 1,200 donations to help one patient with hemophilia for only one year? We are continually in need of plasma donations to help those in need of plasma-derived medications.

Plasma is the ultimate Life Hack

Life hacks are simple things that can make your life easier, and giving plasma is the ultimate life hack. When you receive money for donating plasma, you have more resources to fulfill what you need, while helping others.

Why do we compensate for plasma?

We're extremely grateful that you'd help us help others. So, if you begin donating plasma, we'll compensate you as a special thanks for taking time out of your day. What you do with it is completely up to you!

Learn how Grifols donors receive compensation on a Grifols prepaid Visa® debit card.

Here are some other great ideas of how you can spend your rewards.

  • Start an emergency savings account
  • Pay for repairs on the car
  • Adopt a rescue pet
  • Donate to your favorite charity
  • Get a fresh start

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Whether you're paying bills or spoiling yourself a little, it all helps make life a little easier, right? Give plasma. Get paid. Simplify life.