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Plasma contains hundreds of essential proteins and antibodies that are vital in the body's ability to maintain critical functions, including controlling bleeding and fighting infections. Without enough of any one of these proteins, a person could have or develop a life-threatening illness, such as an immune deficiency, genetic emphysema, hemophilia, rabies or tetanus.

Plasma-protein medicines, made from the plasma of caring donors like you, are the best way to restore and replace any deficiencies of these critical plasma proteins. Treating just one patient with genetic emphysema for a year requires 900 plasma donations. To create enough medicine for a patient suffering from hemophilia for a single year takes approximately 1,200 plasma donations.

The proteins found in plasma that are extracted and purified into life-saving treatments are unique to the human body. These proteins can't be synthetically created or replicated in a lab. And considering that many patients depend on plasma-based medications for lifelong treatment of their illnesses, there continues to be a need for committed plasma donors to help treat these patients. That's why your donations are so important.

Every step of the process, from plasma collection to the production of plasma-protein medicines, is managed by Grifols. This allows us to safeguard the health and well-being of our donors as well as the safety and quality of the plasma going into these life-changing medications. Together, with your donations and our medicines, we can save and improve lives.