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Grifols only uses plasma from qualified donors

To produce our life-saving plasma medicines, Grifols only uses plasma from qualified donors. To become a qualified plasma donor and begin the donation process, you must pass a physical exam and comprehensive health screening at one of our plasma donation centers. Then you'll need to make two separate plasma donations (within a six-month period) that must undergo rigorous testing for transmissible diseases. Having two separate donations allows us to more easily confirm that you're healthy enough to donate. Without a second plasma donation, your first donation cannot be used and will be discarded.

Grifols doesn't use plasma from sporadic or occasional donations, either. So we ask that our plasma donors commit to making regular donations.

Once you're a qualified routine donor, you'll receive physical exams at least annually, as well as comprehensive health screenings at every donation. Each unit of plasma is tested after each donation using FDA protocols to verify your health status and determine the safety of the donated plasma. But once you've become a qualified donor, all you have to do is keep donating and we'll take care of the rest.


Safety: From Plasma to Product

After each unit of plasma is extensively tested for safety, it is then subject to careful controls that protect its quality through our multi-phased production process. First, the plasma goes through a process that separates out each of the various therapeutic proteins. Then each protein is thoroughly processed to inactivate and remove any infectious agents that may be present. Next, the proteins are purified and sterilized to best maintain their therapeutic properties.

Once these proteins are produced into medications in our manufacturing facilities under strict safety guidelines, each product is sealed with a unique identification number. This final step in production deters tampering and guarantees the authenticity of Grifols' products. This entire process, from collection through manufacturing, can take up to 12 months.

Learn more about Grifols' manufacturing processes.