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Can I donate at more than one plasma donation center?

Can residents of Mexico or Canada donate plasma?

When will the hyperimmune be produced and ready for clinical trials?

Will these donors be compensated like other donors?

How much plasma will you collect from each donor? Can a recovered COVID-19 donor donate more than once?

How will patients be screened?

Will you turn away donors once you reach a certain level of convalescent plasma?

Are you in competition with the American Red Cross and local blood banks for convalescent plasma donors?

Will you turn away donors from other cities or refer them elsewhere?

Why should potential donors donate at a Grifols plasma donor center?

Why were these seven cities chosen?

Will Grifols work with hospitals and clinics to identify recovered patients or rely exclusively on the 800 number and local outreach?

Will other cities be added? (The cities from the top four states with the most coronavirus cases are currently excluded: NY, NJ, Mass. and Michigan.)

Will you provide transportation to potential donors, especially if they don't live close by? From how far away would you take potential donors?

What are centers doing to help employees and donors stay safe?

Can current convalescent plasma donors continue to donate convalescent plasma after they receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

Can donors who receive the COVID-19 vaccine immediately donate plasma?

What is Grifols role with the COVID-19 vaccine?

Who should I contact if have questions about the vaccine and my personal health situation?

Will I still have to wear a mask and take other precautions after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine?

Will Grifols offer the COVID-19 vaccine to donors?

Will Grifols require donors to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

Can donors who receive the COVID-19 vaccine donate plasma?

Does Grifols compensate donors? How?

How are medical emergencies handled?

How are plasma donor centers regulated?

How does Grifols address new viruses?

How does Grifols recruit donors?

How is plasma used?

How long does it take to donate plasma?

How many donations does it take to make plasma-derived medicines?

How often can a qualified donor donate?

How soon after donating plasma can I donate whole blood? And vice versa?

If I was deferred once before, am I still ineligible to donate?

If I'm not eligible to donate blood, am I ineligible to donate plasma too?

Is all plasma the same?

Is donating plasma safe?

What are the potential adverse effects during or after plasma donation?

What can I expect from the health screening?

What does it mean to be "deferred"?

What does "Pride for Donors. Passion for Patients." mean to Grifols?

What happens to the plasma after it is donated?

What happens if one of the screening tests is positive?

What is a hyperimmune globulin?

What is convalescent plasma?

What is Donor Doc®?

What is Grifols?

What is plasma?

What kind of benefits does Grifols offer employees?

What kinds of jobs are available at plasma donor centers?

What should I do to prepare myself for a plasma donation?

What should I expect when donating plasma?

What types of tests are performed on donors? How often?

What's the difference between an applicant donor and a qualified donor?

What is the impact of a plasma donor center in the community?

Where do donors come from?

Where does Grifols have plasma donor centers?

Who can donate plasma?

Why should I donate? What's in it for me?

Will my blood be tested?