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There are millions of reasons for donating plasma

The reasons for donating plasma are as unique as our donors themselves. Everyone has his or her own story about what donating plasma means. Hear several personal stories and find out what fuels our plasma donors' commitment – and keeps them coming back again and again.


"Because I have also needed plasma-made products during the delivery of my children, so I know how important a donation can be."

– Jazmine, Bakersfield, CA

"I would need a good reason not to! With only a few hours of my time, I could possibly save someone's life with my donation. That's a priceless gift to their family and friends as well. I'm in!"

– Jillian K., Tallahassee, FL

"Being a prior military service member that served in Iraq, I know all too well how important donations can be in saving the lives of people."

– Julian R., Bakersfield, CA

"My mother lost 5 of her 9 children because of Rh factor incompatibility. She donated because of that, and I want to continue the good work she has started."

– Cheryl B., Fincastle, VA