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Becoming a new plasma donor is safe and easy

We're glad you're interested in becoming a plasma donor. It's as safe and easy as donating whole blood, and you are also helping people. Because the process takes a little longer and we know your time is important, we want to thank you by offering compensation for your time every time you donate.

We encourage you to commit to being a regular donor. One donation isn't enough to treat one patient. It takes hundreds of donations to produce enough medicines to treat just one patient for a year. As a new donor, you need to complete two healthy plasma donations before your plasma can be used to produce medicines. Because the need for new plasma donors is high, we greatly value our committed plasma donors.

Plasma donation is built on people like you who understand the value of helping others in need. We look forward to helping you make your first donation and to welcoming you into the Grifols family.

In the meantime, learn more about the plasma donor requirements, the donation process and the people your donation will help.


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