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Learn about plasma donation at a Grifols plasma donation center, plasmapheresis and the Grifols team members you'll meet.


What is plasmapheresis?

Plasmapheresis (pronounced PLAZ-mah fair-EE-sis) is a specialized donation procedure using specific plasmapheresis machines that separate the plasma from whole blood and collect the plasma while returning the rest of the blood (including red blood cells and white blood cells) to the donor. Grifols uses this procedure at every Biomat USA,Inc.; PlasmaCare, Inc.; and Talecris Plasma Resources, Inc., plasma donation center.

To begin plasmapheresis, whole blood will be taken from your arm. The whole blood is then drawn by the automated machine into a centrifuge that spins, causing the plasma to separate from the red blood cells. The plasma is extracted into a bottle and then the uncollected parts of the blood, including white blood cells and red blood cells, are returned to your body. Depending on your hydration levels, the procedure takes approximately 45 minutes. Thousands of donors donate plasma safely each day.



Who will I meet with during my first visit?

Our employees will know it's your first visit and will take good care of you. Each member has been specially trained and certified, so you can feel at ease knowing that we take your safety and comfort seriously. During your appointment, you'll meet with the following plasma donation center team members:

  • The center team members will greet you at the reception desk, get you started with your initial paperwork and take care of processing your plasma donation.
  • The medical team members will ask you questions about your health history, make sure it is safe for you to donate and conduct your physical exam.
  • The phlebotomist (pronounced fluh-BOT-uh-mist) will greet you and prepare you for the donation process and make sure you are comfortable while donating plasma. They will also monitor you and answer any questions you have while you're donating.


Will I be comfortable?

Donating plasma is simple. Here are some things you can do to keep yourself comfortable:

  • Dress warmly, and bring a blanket. To keep your body temperature from rising, we keep our centers cool.
  • Bring something to read, study, listen to or watch. We play movies, and the majority of our plasma donor centers have Wi-Fi. The procedure typically takes approximately 45 minutes (after your first donation), so think of how you'd like to spend that time.
  • Donate plasma with a friend. You can keep each other company, ease your nerves and potentially qualify for a donor referral bonus.