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We appreciate your continued donations.

Thanks for donating plasma. Now that you've become an integral part of a process that saves and improves the lives of those in need, the most important thing you can do is come back and donate again. After all, donating regularly is the best way to make sure that your plasma donations are being used to produce life-saving medicines.


Have you donated just once before?

When it comes to plasma donation, once is never enough. Without two sets of plasma test results and health screenings, we can't use your plasma to make our life-saving medicines. And that means the donation you made initially has to be discarded. So, please call your plasma donation center and make an appointment to make that important second donation.

In the meantime, you can prepare for your appointment by taking good care of yourself, drinking plenty of water and eating balanced and nutritious meals. Get more tips on preparing for your next donation from our Donation Resources section.


Has it been a while since your last donation?

Has it been less than six months since your last plasma donation or serum sample? If so, all you need to do is call your plasma donation center to make an appointment or come by before six months have passed to make your next donation. If it has been longer than six months, you'll need to have another physical exam to qualify. So keep donating on a regular schedule to help save time.

Have you moved since your last donation?

If you've already been a donor at a Grifols Biomat USA, Inc., PlasmaCare, Inc., or Talecris Plasma Resources, Inc., donation center, donating in a new city or state is easy. To continue making your life-saving plasma donations, simply call the Grifols plasma donation center closest to you to find out how you can start donating again. We look forward to working with you at your new location.

Don't Forget

Bring a photo ID, proof of address and Social Security number or Border Crossing Card (B1/B2 VISA/BBC)when you donate. To make sure you have everything you need, download one of our donation checklists.