IPAW 2023


IPAW 2023

Join Grifols in celebrating International Plasma Awareness Week from October 2nd – 6th! During this week, we’ll be sharing important facts about the need for plasma donation, as well as celebrating our donors who are responsible for saving lives around the world.

All week long, we’ll be holding events to educate on the importance of plasma and plasma-based therapies, but also to celebrate our dedicated plasma donors who make a difference with their contributions. Be sure to drop by to your local Grifols Plasma Donation Center on October 6th for our Donor Appreciation Day celebrations!

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Did You Know

  • Dr. Josep Antoni Grifols-Lucas was one of the first doctors who pioneered modern plasma donation? In 1951, he developed plasmapheresis, the technique used today during standard plasma donations, which safely separates blood from the donor’s plasma before returning the blood back to the donor. We’re proud to be one of the world’s leaders of plasma research and development to save lives across the globe.
  • Plasma therapies can treat a wide array of diseases and injuries. Plasma is crucial to develop treatments for burns, organ transplants, hepatitis, and rabies. In the past, plasma has also been used to develop vaccines for diseases like COVID-19, measles, mumps, polio, and more.
  • Plasma is the key component in many lifesaving medicines. Hundreds of thousands of people need the medications that come from your donations. These patients depend on your generosity and selflessness, as plasma medicines may be their only treatment option.