Each journey of plasma donation involves multiple steps that ensure both the donor's health and the quality of plasma collected. How long does it take? While it may seem like a process, the time you spend can make a world of difference for those in need.

  • Pre-donation: This initial step, all about preparing you for the donation, involves a health screening and verification of your identification and local address. Although how long it takes can vary depending on individual circumstances, we strive to make it as swift and efficient as possible.
  • Donation: Expect your first donation to take a few hours and subsequent donations to take less of a time commitment.
  • Post-donation: Rest assured, while testing is a crucial part of the donation process, it does not add extra time to your visit. The testing duration is included within the donation time frame.

Why does plasma donation take longer than blood donation?

Plasma donation involves a more detailed process, including comprehensive health screening and the specific procedure of separating plasma from blood. This contributes to the overall longer duration compared to blood donation.


A Closer Look at Your Plasma Donation Experience

Your First Plasma Donation

Physician Examination: A qualified physician will examine you prior to your donation, ensuring you're ready to donate.

Medical Screening and Testing: A thorough medical screening and testing process guarantees the safety of your plasma donation.

Donor Identification and Local Address Verification: We confirm your identity and local address for seamless record-keeping

Your Return Plasma Donations

Health Screening: Each time you return, we'll conduct a health screening to ensure you're in optimal health for plasma donation.

Donor Verification and Testing: Identity verification and testing are consistent steps for every donation to maintain the integrity of the process.

Reasons to Donate

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Tips for A Better Donation

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Plasma Explained

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