Common Questions

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Is donating plasma safe?

How much plasma does one donation provide?

What are the potential adverse effects during or after plasma donation?

Can I donate at more than one plasma donation center?

What can I expect from the health screening?

What types of tests are performed on donors? How often?

What happens if one of the screening tests is positive?

Will my blood be tested?

How long does it take to donate plasma?

If I'm not eligible to donate blood, am I ineligible to donate plasma too?

How soon after donating plasma can I donate whole blood? And vice versa?

What's the difference between an applicant donor and a qualified donor?

What does it mean to be "deferred"?

If I was deferred once before, am I still ineligible to donate?

Does Grifols compensate donors? How?

What happens to the plasma after it is donated?

What should I do to prepare myself for a plasma donation?

What should I expect when donating plasma?

Who can donate plasma?

Why should I donate? What's in it for me?

What does Grifols do?

What is the impact of a plasma donor center in the community?

What kind of benefits does Grifols offer employees?

What kinds of jobs are available at plasma donor centers?

How are medical emergencies handled?

How are plasma donor centers regulated?

What is plasma?

How does Grifols address new viruses?

How is plasma used?

How many donations does it take to make plasma-derived medicines?

Is all plasma the same?

Where do donors come from?

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