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When you donate plasma, you can impact the lives of thousands of people. In many cases, your plasma might even save a life. Choosing to make a plasma donation is a vital and very rewarding experience, but it’s also a commitment. In recognition of your valuable time and effort spent at our donation centers, we compensate you.  

We also have programs available where you can donate your compensation to a charity. Each Grifols donor receives compensation on a Grifols prepaid Visa® debit card that’s refilled after each donation. Upon completing your first donation, you’ll receive the debit card, information on how to use it, a list of ATM locations where you can make withdrawals, and contact information for the bank. You don't have to bring your Grifols donor card to every visit. You receive compensation when you successfully donate, with the amount loading automatically to your card. 

why we compensate why we compensate

Questions about donation amounts and any bonuses offered should be directed to your donation center team.

Questions about your debit card balance or how to access and manage your account should be directed to the bank. 

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