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Convalescent plasma: a big word with bigger promise

Did you know if you have recovered from COVID-19, your plasma could be used to create a medicine that could treat the disease?

The virus causing COVID-19—an organism one thousand times smaller than a grain of sand has effectively brought our world to a grinding halt. With convalescent plasma we may be able to stop it in its tracks. That's a massive impact—one that you can make if you've recently recovered from COVID-19.

What is Convalescent Plasma?

If you've recovered from COVID-19, the very plasma in your body could be used to help treat those still fighting the virus. Those who have recovered from the disease have developed antibodies against the virus. Those antibodies, along with the memory cells to multiply their production, reside in their blood plasma. If they're able to donate some of their plasma, and their antibodies with it, it may help others who are still fighting the virus to make a recovery while producing more antibodies and maintain their own immunity.

Since the novel Coronavirus was first discovered, the use of convalescent plasma to help treat those with it could be the world's first promising treatment. This isn't a vaccine, since vaccines help stimulate the development of immunity before the person ever gets sick. However, this is an extremely fortunate, naturally made option to help those who don't have immunity or are already infected, and need help fighting the infection. With convalescent plasma Grifols can develop a specific medicine, an immunoglobulin, to potentially treat the disease.

To learn more about how convalescent plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients can be used to develop a treatment, watch the video.

Here's how you can help

How to know if you can donate:
  1. Meet current plasma donor criteria ( ->Learn more here)
  2. Be 18 – 69 years of age
  3. Weigh at least 110 pounds
  4. Received a nasal or blood test confirming COVID-19
  5. Be symptom-free for 28 days
  6. Reside within 150 miles of a designated convalescent plasma collection center (listed below)

Grifols is not offering COVID-19 testing to qualify individuals for this program. Proof of nasal or blood test confirming COVID-19 is required to participate.

See if there is a convalescent plasma collection site near you. Most plasma centers in the Grifols network are collecting for this important effort. If there isn't one near you we hope to have one soon. Using the links below, find the center nearest you and visit their page for their address and hours of operation:

National Call Center: (866) END-CV19

Agents available  Monday – Friday, 5am – 5pm PST
Messages may be left 24/7 and calls will be returned within the next business day

Not only do we thank you for your generosity, but your willingness to donate is impacting the lives of so many. We hope to see you soon.